Extruder Gearbox Manufactures
Extruder Gearbox Manufactures


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Extruder Gearbox Manufactures – Supplying Quality Gearbox Solutions

Welcome to Extruder Duty Helical Gearbox, the leading extruder gearbox manufacturers and supplies in India and worldwide. We provide a range of gearboxes to global engineering industries at a quality that requires for each one. Our priority is to cater to the extruder duty gearbox requirements of our customers across the globe. As renowned helical gearbox suppliers, we can fulfill the custom requirements of our clients. We are committed to the growth of our clients, and therefore we devise each helical inline gearbox afresh and fully in line with your requirements. We manufacture each piece of extruder duty helical gearbox in unique designs and that fit to the applications of our clients. Our manufacturing units are different from all other services.

Customer Centered Service

We are the leading extruder gearbox manufactures fully oriented to the requirements of our clients and their business. We are convinced that by supplying the engineering requirements of our clients, we can achieve together. We are the specialist custom gearbox manufacturers who have employed some of the top minds and engineers within our service to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.


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About JS Gear

J.S. Was established in year 1990. Our modern manufacturing facility is at Ahmedabad. It is one of the largest company in Gujarat engaged in manufacturing high quality gearboxes. Under the brand name J.S. With vast and varied experience possessed by Mr. J.S. Panchal (Founder of the company) and Mr. Nirav Panchal (Promoter of the company) spanning over 30 years. J.S. has now emerged as a reference point or proudly preferred product in this flourishing field.

The gear box is designed to satisfy requirements & conditions encountered in different process. High torque is required for many industries hence the gear unit is designed accordingly. We at J.S. bring to you the finest in gear & transmission technology.

J.S. Has strong technology and human resources base to meet the exacting standards of the most demanding customers in India. We also offer value added services like diagnostic studies, reverse engineered gearbox spares & address requirement for speed & power capacity changes. We use branded instruments to measure & calibrate it regularly


Why Choose Us

The factory has consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of excellence, and we providing full and specific solutions for our every valuable customers.

Extruder Gearbox Manufactures


Appropriately grow high-quality portals through reliable technology. Dynamically fabricate synergistic architectures.

Extruder Gearbox Manufactures


JS Gear are government approved and all licenses available

Extruder Gearbox Manufactures


Our all workers are highly experience and well trained.

Extruder Gearbox Manufactures


We may be strong as individuals but together we are invincible



Premium Helical Gearbox Suppliers

We are a renowned service of premium helical gearbox with supreme quality features to a huge number of services across the world. Our engineers possess unparallel expertise to match the requirements of diverse applications across wide range of sectors. We are the best and the experienced industrial gearbox suppliers suitable for the needs of your applications

Wide Industry Knowledge

We are the leading player in the supply of extruder gearbox. We are hugely experienced and possess excellent industry knowledge thanks to our association with some of the industry giants in India and all parts of the world. Our ability to provide industry-specific gearboxes has amassed a great demand for our products among the extruder gearbox manufactures.

Our customers are the heart of everything we conduct, and thus we have a widely acclaimed customer support system to take care of all your queries. Contact us today, and discuss your requirement, and we are more than happy to assist you instantly.

Extruder Gearbox Manufactures


We pay special attention on the raw material used for the production. All the raw materials are procured from reliable vendors, who hold a good reputation in the market.

Extruder Gearbox Manufactures


We always believe in best quality and best services. Our customers are most important assets of our firm so we never compromise with quality driven principles.

Extruder Gearbox Manufactures


We are in operation since 1990, We possess a team of 15 expert professionals, who have an adequate amount of experience in this field.


Single Screw Extruder Drive

Available Model: SBH 90 / SBH 110 / SBH 125 / SBH 140 / SBH 160 / SBH 180 / SBH 200 / SBH 225 / SBH 250 / SBH 280 / SBH 315 / SBH 355

  • Rigit Design
  • Available in: Single stage & two stage Extruder duty Helical Gearboxes
  • Ratio: 6:1 To 22:1
  • Case: Graded cast Iron
  • Gears: Made from high graded alloy steel, harden and precision profile ground to meet higher standard
  • Spherical thrust roller bearing 294 series & others are also roller bearings
  • Water cooling inbuilt
  • Oil Pump option available
  • Vertical models are also available

Industries where we applied

Extruder Gearbox Manufactures

Plastic Extruder Drive

Extruder Gearbox Manufactures

Rubber Extruder Drive

Extruder Gearbox Manufactures

Food Extruder Drive


Extend the life of your Gearbox with predictive maintenance.


  • Cost-effective alternative to purchasing new gearboxes
  • Increases reliability and extends lifespan of existing equipment
  • Faster turnaround time than ordering new gearboxes
  • Save more on gear components compared to existing brands
  • Improve gear functionality and extend lifespan
  • Offers opportunity to upgrade and improve performance
  • May require less downtime for installation compared to new equipment
  • No matter what type of gearbox is in need of repair, we’ll get it done quickly